Three things to love about Braise Worthy

Gail Simmons of Top Chef fame is quoted for saying, “Patience is the secret to good food.” We at Braise Worthy couldn’t agree more. Here are three things to love about Braise Worthy.

ONE – Eat very, very well

For exceptional flavors and textures, we slow-cook all of our food so you don’t have to. We freeze our braises, which in addition to eliminating the need for additives enhances the taste of the dish.

TWO – Premium convenience

Busy people can agree that eating well should not be a casualty of their crammed schedules. Meals can be heated and eaten in as quick as 4 minutes, at home, work and school –
where ever!

THREE – Get to know your food

We source from exceptional farms in the area, and we are proud of it. Trace your ingredients by batch on our online Ingredient Tracker.

We look forward to feeding you, https://braiseworthy.com/shop.