Braising provides unparalleled richness and complexity of flavor, as it is a combination of both searing the meat and then slow-cooking it, partially covered in liquid. The liquid can be anything from a rich broth to beer to milk. Our sauces vary and are made by us.

Yes we do. Look for the "V" logo on our vegan options.

We buy food at the peak of fresh, mostly from local farms, and then cook it and freeze the complete dish immediately. Braise Worthy offers the convenience of a frozen food, but it tastes like you just spent hours braising the meat yourself.

Frozen food can be kept indefinitely as long as it remains at the proper storage temperature. If the packaging is at all broken and ice has begun to form, we recommend that you not consume the product.

We at Braise Worthy spent a considerable amount of time deciding on how to responsibly package our food. Since there is not a compostable product that exists yet that can accommodate a frozen product and heat as needed, we determined that the best way forward was to minimize waste a CPET plastic tray, as it has a high likelihood of being recycled in Massachusetts, our distribution area. Additionally, we use an unrecyclable film to seal the tray, and this film takes up less room in the landfill or incinerator than would other options.

Braise Worthy is always looking to improve as a company, and should you have suggestions about how we can better our packaging, please be in touch.


All animals are raised thoughtfully and humanely on family farms. Individual farms can be traced on through our ingredient tracker.

Just type the batch number from the front of your package into the ingredient tracker here. It couldn’t be easier.

Braise Worthy gives you the opportunity to meet our suppliers for all of the proteins (beef, chicken, pork) and for other key ingredients, too. You deserve to know what you’re eating.

Braise Worthy follows the rigorous sustainability standard call the Irit and Dalia Index. (Irit and Dalia are Jeff, the founder’s, daughters.) Can we as a company hold our head up high at the dinner table in terms of social and environmental responsibility, while also making unforgettably great food? We aim to:

  • contribute to our communities by supporting local agriculture, and cooking and distributing our product line regionally,
  • purchase ingredients from sources that use responsible practices (organic or integrated pest management, no antibiotics, and more),
  • donate a portion of profits to supporting food access in the communities in which Braise Worthy is sold,
  • minimize food waste through mindful, time-tested culinary practices,
  • use as little packaging as possible, and
  • buy meat from animals that were raised in such a way that Irit and Dalia could visit the farm — and get a good night’s sleep.

Yes. Some of our ingredients are certified organic, and others use organic practices or integrative pest management. Not all ingredients are organic since, for example, we use unusual spices and salts for which there isn’t even an organic option.

Community is central to who we are at Braise Worthy. Our goal is to provide you with the best food experience possible, and our relationships with local food producers is essential to that process. We are based in the Berkshires and source as much as possible from within a day’s drive of New England and our New Jersey commercial kitchen. Animals are raised on family farms in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Produce is grown locally, as well. Authenticity is also a core tenet of the Braise Worthy approach, and our commitment to uncompromised flavor means that spices often are sourced from outside our region. The New Mexico carne adovada recipe wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t purchase a specific dried chile from New Mexico.

& Eating

Yes. Just be sure to keep some of the liquid with it so the meat doesn’t dry out.

Open container, but leave plastic top loosely on top of tray.
Cook for 3-4 minutes on high.
Remove plastic lid with caution.
For chaat only: Once the dish is heated, sprinkle the contents of the spice packet on top. It is amchur, or dried mango.
Heat until internal temperature of 165 degrees.

In a small saucepan, add enough water to lightly cover the bottom.
Remove food from the tray and place in the pan, covered.
Cook at medium-low heat for 6-8 minutes until heated thoroughly.
For chaat only: Sprinkle the contents of the spice packet on top once the dish is heated just before eating. It is amchur, which provides a bright burst of flavor.
Heat until internal temperature of 165 degrees.

They are what you make them. High in flavor but low in carbohydrates, many people think of them as whole meals. Each recipe has vegetables cooked in them, but some might want a veggie boost and will prepare a simple side salad. Others might want something starchy as a complement. Dish-specific pairings follow.

  • Chicken Chaat Masala
    Enjoy it straight from the bowl, or pair it a South Asian bread like roti or naan.
  • Carne Adovada
    Delicious as is, or wrap it in a warm corn tortilla. With eggs, it’s the breakfast of champions. Also a show-stopper with a touch of cilantro.
  • Beef Satsivi
    Scrumptious just the way it is, or serve it with roasted vegetables like cauliflower or Brussels sprouts. Also fantastic with pickled red onions — or pickled anything.
  • Beef Lyonnaise
    Fantastic with a wide egg noodle.
  • Cumin Lamb
    Perfect with rice for a starchy boost.
  • Vegan Meudo
    Pair this addictive dish with corn tortillas and slices of avocado.
  • Smoky Black Bean
    This dish screams vegan BBQ. Have an ear of sweet corn on the side.
  • West African Peanut Stew
    Full of flavor as is, but some roasted cruciferous veggies will give a great added flavor and texture.

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