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RecognizeThe Importance Of Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are corals that produce lime and live in shallow waters, coral reefs are able to withstand and slow the currents of waves, this is useful for preventing coastal erosion and can withstand tsunami waves.

Coral reefs are formed through a sedimentation process produced by marine biota, coral reefs are very important for marine ecosystems, living things and humans.
Many biota live in the sea such as small fish, snails, sea cucumbers, shellfish, sea urchins, sea turtle algae, starfish, sea nemo, and algae.

Coral reefs have many benefits for the life of marine biota and humans, socially coral reefs are useful for supporting education. Ecosystem research in which,
As for the marine biota, coral reefs are a source of places to find food, shelter, and breed.

Many animals use coral reefs as a place to incubate eggs.

Coral reefs can also have economic value for us, because coral reefs can produce chemical drugs that are useful for us.
Coral reefs can be used as a tourist attraction in the sea, because of the beauty of coral reefs and various types of coral reefs, it is an amazing natural sea scenery because fish, shrimp, sea cucumbers, snails, breed and live on coral reefs, this is very profitable for us, because we can enjoy the results to eat or sell. This is an additional income for the people who live by the sea. Many coral reefs are found in tropical waters, in general coral reefs live on the beach and can be exposed to sunlight about 50 meters from sea level, but there are also coral reefs that do not need to get sunlight.

Coral reefs also have several types, some are hard and some are soft.

Generally, coral reefs that are easily exposed to sunlight are hard and calcareous coral reefs, and coral reefs that are not directly exposed to sunlight only 50 meters from sea level are soft coral reefs. Coral reefs are reefs that are very sensitive to changes in their environment. in the sea can also affect their lives,
According to research, the shape of coral reefs affects the location where it is formed, that’s why coral reefs have several types based on their location, such as;

This reef has a very large size, and lives in the tropics.

This reef is like a flat island and is widely found in the thousand islands.

This reef is a fringing coral reef, its life is also farther from the coast. These reefs are mostly found on Bintan Island, the Riau Archipelago.

This reef is the most numerous and we often encounter because it is the simplest which is often located on the edge of the beach.

INDONESIA itself has approximately 300 types of coral reefs scattered throughout the waters of INDONESIA, coral reefs in INDONESIA have a variety of beautiful and beautiful types. Like a reef shaped like a bush and wide enough. Life is 3 to 15 meters above sea level, when exposed to ocean currents, this reef is like dancing, generally gray.
Other reefs such as reefs that have short branches and are slightly fat, these reefs have more colors, such as orange, blue, red, green.

Reefs that are shaped like a branching plate, usually have gray, pink, green and brown colors. This reef has a size large enough like a table.
Other reefs also have reefs where the deeper the location of growth, the longer the branches, if shallow, the branches are short, generally these reefs are green, blue, pink, and brown. At the end the color will be lighter.

The last is a coral reef that is shaped like a dome with a small skeleton.
This reef only has purple and light brown colors, this reef can also change color to very bright.

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