Massachusetts, here is how it works:


Sign up for your preferred meal schedule. There is a five meal minimum per order/delivery. Choose a regular pick-up location. And finally, pay for your subscription.

Slow Cooked, Then Delivered

Your food is slow cooked to perfection so you don’t have to do it yourself. We use sustainable, non-GMO ingredients from local farms or humane purveyors, so it’s packed with flavor and nutrients that you can track by batch from our website.


Our pick-up locations are integrated into your life. Weekly pick-ups are at hubs of Berkshire County life. We plan to expand locations and hope to offer home and office delivery options soon.

Let’s Get Started

Order anytime! Plans start when you’re ready. Traveling? Don’t worry.
You always have an extra week to redeem your monthly quota.


Braise Worthy requires that you pick-up a minimum of 5 individually portioned meals.

Yes. We figure there are weeks you might be traveling or you have other plans. The subscription model allows for additional weeks to pick-up remaining meals, before the subscription expires.

Click here to let us know which week you will be gone.

Yes, you can. Space in your freezer may be the limiting factor. We’ll leave it to you to figure out, and tell us.

The good news is that the food will not go to waste. Braise Worthy will donate remaining meals on expired food plans to a local food pantry.

We plan to deliver a cross sample of our products meeting your eating preferences, so you can try them all and communicate to us moving forward what you love, like and other. Let us know what you like and we will do our best to meet your desires based on availability. The more feedback, the better we can plan for subsequent weeks.

Yes! We are committed to broadening our line-up. And you should see some new recipes every now and then, even if it is not on our website.

At this time, no. However, we are committed to work on the best way to integrate it into our subscription model.

At this time, no. However we are studying the best way to move forward with home and office delivery. If you have an interest for delivery, email us.

At this time, no.

Sure thing. Let us know how we can feed you even better.


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